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Hiring Family: Part 2

In Episode 2 of Les's Corner, we followed up on our conversation from Episode 1 and discussed what to expect after family members have been hired and how to navigate challenges and boundaries.



This episode covers:

✓ Potential challenges after hiring family

✓ Separating roles from ownership

✓ Working through conflict

✓ Maintaining company values

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Who is Les Burch?


Les Burch, President of the family-owned manufacturing company, Sashco Incorporated. He is a native of Colorado and, after graduating with a BS in Chemical and Petroleum Refining Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines in 1972, became Sashco's Laboratory Manager. Les became President of Sashco in 1973 when his mother, Alice Hauptman, retired from the position. He and his wife Carol have 2 sons, Jeffrey and Nickolas.

After graduating from college and working at other enterprises both of Les’s sons have joined as the 3rd generation working in the family company. They are both married, live in the Denver area, and, importantly, have produced 5 grandchildren!


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For 84 years, Sashco has been serving customers in the home improvement space with high-performance sealants and stains.

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